About the creator

My name is Peter Mohrbacher. I was working in the gaming industry before I took on this project full time. My passion lies at the intersection between creating paintings and owning my own work.

-Pete (trueangelarium@gmail.com)

The origin

It was the names that got me inspired.

Back in 2005, I discovered that there were thousands of named angels throughout multiple mythologies. I've been hooked ever since and Angelarium has been a part of my life every single day. Even when I'm not paying attention to it, it's gone out on the internet and had a life of its own. The name of the project has come to define the idea of surreal angelic figures and the fan base around it has inspired me to continue to create new designs for it.

Additional contributors

Eli Minaya - Eli has helped create the designs for most of the Emanations and created most of the writing that accompanies them. He's been the driving force behind much of the Tree of Life work.

James Pianka - James is a contributing writer who has written alternate pieces of poetry for all twelve of the original angels.

customer service

Matt Girouard - is my studio assistant and customer service rep. He answers questions and provides customer support for Angelarium.net

For customer service or inquiries, contact: MohrbacherArt@gmail.com

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Limited Editions

Many of the items on the store are listed as "Limited Edition". These prints and playmats are only printed in a very limited quantity, most being reproduced only 50 times. After they sell out, they are not restocked. Even in a case where the demand for a piece overwhelms the print's run, I do not create additional prints.

Most print runs last about 2-6 months, after that, they may only be available in limited availability as convention prints, sold exclusively at my personal appearances.

My Limited Edition print runs are all done in house on archival paper with archival pigment based inks. I work my hardest to ensure their quality by making them myself.

Convention Prints

The one major exception to prints becoming unavailable after the Limited Editions selling out are my convention prints. These smaller photo prints are reproduced expressly for sale at limited time events like conventions and personal appearances. You can check the calendar on the front page of the site to see when and where I'll be in attendance. Those places are the only places you'll find these prints available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm trying to make an order but I'm getting an error message. What happened? Have I been charged?

A: Your card will only be charged if your order has completed successfully. This error is very common and almost exclusively due to an incorrect BILLING ADDRESS. If your card is associated with your business or your old house, it's probably different than your shipping address.

Q: Will you be illustrating Michael, The Qliphoth, Metatron, etc?

A: Maybe. There are plans to illustrate many of the most prominent figures in angelic lore, but I am taking every piece as it comes. Please be patient waiting for your favorite.

Q: Half of my order shipped/arrived, but there is stuff missing. What happened?

A: Our books and book bundles ship from a warehouse while the prints, playmats and cards ship from the studio. Some orders that include a mix of items get split and shipped from separate locations. Don't worry, we're covering the additional shipping costs and it's likely nothing is missing.

Q: My tracking information isn't updating. Where is my package?

A: USPS is terrible at sharing tracking information. We're sorry, we wish it was more transparent. Please be patient if this happens. In the rare event that your package is lost, we'll first work with USPS to find it. If it can't be found, we'll replace it.