The origin

It was the names that got me inspired.

Back in 2005, I discovered that there were thousands of named angels throughout multiple mythologies. I've been hooked ever since and Angelarium has been a part of my life every single day. Even when I'm not paying attention to it, it's gone out on the internet and had a life of its own. The name of the project has come to define the idea of surreal angelic figures and the fan base around it has inspired me to continue to create new designs for it.

- Peter Mohrbacher

The Team



Peter Mohrbacher

Peter is the creator of Angelarium and the driving force behind the project since he created it in 2005. He works full time on creating new artwork and writing. Fan mail is always appreciated but please be aware that he is very irregular about checking and responding to his messages.


Customer Service

If you have a general question or need help with an order, you can contact us on our customer service email. Pete’s wife Ania helps him handle most inquiries, so you are likely to reach either Pete or Ania through this account.


Community Manager

Elaine Ryan

Elaine manages the official Angelarium Discord channel (the official hangout for our Patreon subscribers) and she travels to a number of conventions throughout the US selling Angelarium artwork in person. If you see Angelarium listed at a convention, Elaine is there as its official emissary.



Eli Minaya

Eli created the original designs for most of the Emanations of the Tree of Life and wrote most of the pieces that accompanies them. He was an essential collaborator of the Tree of Life series and has contributed creative work throughout the project since 2016.

And many more! - There are numerous other creators that have contributed additional work throughout the site. In each instance, their work is credited specifically.

Purchasing Angelarium Artwork

2016-09-12 08.49.41.jpg

Limited Editions

Many of the items on the store are listed as "Limited Edition". These items are produced in small runs, designed to sell out after a short time. Once their supply is exhausted, they become permanently unavailable.

Most Limited Editions sell out after 2 - 6 months and after that, they may become available in other smaller and limited formats, such as "Legacy Prints".


Legacy Prints

These photo prints are smaller than their Limited Edition counterparts and are reproduced expressly for special events like conventions and my monthly Patreon print subscription. Click here to become a member.

The availability of these prints is always for a limited time. Whether that means for a single weekend at a live event, or for just one month on Patreon.




Q: I’m writing books/short stories/poems and I’d like to pair them with your art, would you be okay with that?

A: Sorry, no. I’m not granting permission to be freely reused to accompany pieces of writing. If you have a serious inquiry about a paid licensing contract, please feel free to reach out.

Q: Can I use your Angel illustrations as a part of my tabletop roll-playing game?

A: Am I going to be upset if you share my work around your gaming table? Of course not.

However, if you contact me about permission to share my art with your gaming group I will always answer ‘no’. There was an instance where I granted permission to share my art with their personal gaming group and they published an extensive gaming module using a huge amount of my art. This sort of publication is theft whether you are charging for it of not. Please do not publish my artwork as part of your homebrew gaming module.

At some point I’ll be offering an official Angelarium gaming handbook. Until then, I’m not going to sanction competing products.

Q: Can I use your art on my album cover/soundcloud?

A: This is something I charge for. Please feel free to contract me about licensing information.

Q: Can I design my own Angels?

A: There are thousands of Angel names and its easy to make up new ones. Anyone is welcome to explore this space and create their own Angels the way I do. I’m honestly surprised there aren’t more people doing this. It’s a lot of fun.

That being said, please be respectful of any original designs that I create for Angelarium. As an indie creator, I value to copyright on these designs. If you ever reuse them in your artwork, please credit their original inspiration as not to create confusion about their origin.

Q: Can I get a tattoo of your art? Does that cost anything?

A: You are more than welcome to get an Angelarium tattoo and you do not need to pay me for permission. Here is my list of requests regarding an Angelarium tattoo:

  • Do your research and get someone good. I would hate for you to regret wearing my art.

  • Find an artist that specializes in adapting artwork. Typically, the more they tattoo artist injects their own style the better the results.

  • Send pics! I love seeing them.

  • I also love getting linked on IG.


Q: I'm trying to make an order but I'm getting an error message. What happened? Have I been charged?

A: Your card will only be charged if your order has completed successfully. This error is very common and almost exclusively due to an incorrect billing address zip code. If your card is associated with your business or your old house, our system requires you to provide that address in the "billing address" fields.

Q: Why does the shipping cost so much?

A: All of our items are made special or customized here in Chicago and then shipped out of our office at "The Secret Vault". That means all orders outside the US need to be shipped through expensive International services. If you believe your shipping cost is larger than it should be in error, you might be right. Feel free to reach out to us at to confirm that the shipping was calculated correctly. We might be able to get it to you cheaper.

Q: My tracking information isn't updating. Where is my package?

A: USPS is terrible at sharing tracking information. We're sorry, we wish it was more transparent. Please be patient if this happens. In the rare event that your package is lost, we will first work with USPS to find it. If it can't be found, we'll replace it.


Upcoming Art

Q: Will you be illustrating Michael, The Qliphoth, Metatron, etc?

A: Maybe. There are plans to illustrate many of the most prominent figures in angelic lore, but I'm taking every piece as it comes. Please be patient waiting for your favorite.

Q: Are you taking requests?

A: I'll be illustrating whichever Angels I decide on. Sometimes fan input has swayed me, but I can't make any guarantees.

Q: What's happening with my book order?

A: The Book of Watchers and The Book of Emanations are supposed to be in stock, but they're not. We're very late getting them completed and printed. They were supposed to have shipped no later than 2017, but we weren't able to fulfill that promise. Every order made will be filled or refunded, based on each customer's preference. They are currently our top priority.

Click here for ongoing updates about the status of both books.



Q: Where can I get digital wallpapers of the art?

A: Sign up on Patreon! When you join at the Acolyte level ($2.50), you'll have access to all of the wallpapers I've created, as well as the benefit of seeing new artwork a month before it's released to the public, and a 10% off code. Click here to become a member.