art by Peter Mohrbacher

art by Peter Mohrbacher

Advachiel, Angel of Sagittarius


The Wanderer

When the world we live in feels too constrained, our eyes lift to the horizon. The endlessness of the world calls for us to depart from our lives and become a part of the unknown. In this space beyond the veil of the familiar, adventure awaits. A part of us never stopped existing in the wilderness.  Advachiel guides us to rejoin the union. To seek for the sake of seeking. To live for the sake of life.


Painting Process

This is a time-lapse video of my digital painting process in Photoshop. Rather than speed paint, I prefer to take my time, this video represents about an hour of working on the detail phase of the painting. At this point I have a lot of the color palette and values worked out roughly but I need to spend time on finishing up the background.