art by Peter Mohrbacher

art by Peter Mohrbacher

Asmodel, Angel of Taurus

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The Supporter

To stay steady, enjoying a moment of reprise is not selfish. A breath that takes us back to our center is essential. We must respect the anchor that holds our feet to the ground. When we do this, we wield a strength that can push back against the spin of the world. Asmodel is there. The embodiment of the focus and dedication we hold when we make a commitment. A moment of clarity, grasped in a closed fist.

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Painting Process

This is a time-lapse video of my digital painting process in Photoshop. At this point, I've already finished a portrait painting and now I'm expanding the composition to create a more epic landscape. By pushing the boundaries of the painting way out on either side, I get a more cinematic look from this piece and allow to to work for landscape applications like wallpapers.