Azrael, Angel of Death

art by Eli Minaya

art by Eli Minaya

I have watched you since you were born
I wrote your name in my book as you came into this world
I have had an eye watching your entire life
See now, your name fades with time
And now you shall return from whence you came
Delivered from this mortal coil

Let this apple take your body from you
Let my hand guide you to your rightful place
For I am your shepherd

Blessed are the dead
And now you are among them
Delivered from this mortal coil

written by Peter Mohrbacher

“Strip from me the garments of my thoughts,
my friendships my name, and what then remains?
Do not mourn what never was. Death is fallacy.”

            - final teaching of Avajana, the Irenic

written by James Pianka