Binah, Emanation of Knowledge

The third Emanation. A flow of light that pours into the world. Like a candle whose flame may light another without diminishing its own. She seeks not only creation, but purpose. A flare of pure intent that blossoms from the heart of existence and out into the world. Her energy brings with it a desire for knowledge. She is the force that churns all the the potential from higher Emanations into a form that can be received by our consciousness.

The white orb of light, which illuminates the way forwards.

Binah sits atop “the pillar of severity”, heading the feminine aspect of the diagram. Creating a perfect balance with Chokhmah at her side, together they represent a continuum of psychic understanding. While Binah represents the power of knowing, Chokhmah reveals the power of not knowing. One acts as a vessel as the other fills that vessel, giving it purpose.

Found in: Learning, shared experience, creation

It is understanding, the thing that brushes the infinite. It is context. Intuitive and contemplative.

A Palace of Mirrors.

All things, in all forms, under all light, are given shape. Under this axiom, potentiality falls away. A Song must begin, Thunder must crash from above, the Sun must rise (All from potential.)If existence blossoms in a Palace of Mirrors, the Light cast there is called Binah.

-description of Binah


Binah Origin

by Eli Minaya -