The second Emanation. A vessel to hold that which is most precious. The first gate out of potentiality and a step into the realm of the known. He is the first moment a newborn child opens their eyes. That child’s first steps. Their first word. He is the beginning of a lifelong journey, whose path is disappears over the horizon. Where Keter is the pen that hangs above the page, Chokhmah is the moment of contact. From nothingness, wisdom is formed. To have insight into that which is not known is a gift that is not bestowed lightly.

It is the grey orb that breaks the surface of our consciousness.

Descending from the summit of the tree, we see its duality begin for form. Chokhmah sits atop “the pillar of mercy”, forming the first masculine aspect of the diagram. It’s partner, Binah opening next to reveal the two eyes through while we have the power to see the world.

Found in: Birth, intuition, the subconscious

Chokhmah, Emanation of Wisdom

Chohkmah is faith and premeditation turned to stone. Potentiality's demise and purpose. The first step out of the mystery of Ein Soph to awareness. 

First steps, like first love, require commitment to things you cannot know. The requisite faith to leap into the chasm without even the certainty of death, or the hope of flight. Chohkmah is not the step, Chohkmah is the ephemeral decision dissolving into action. Chohkmah is the first light of reality. Open your eyes young one.

-first rites performed for a newborn

Chokhmah Origin

by Eli Minaya -