Da'at, The Emptiness

This Emanation is a conduit. It radiates no light for itself, holds no shape and touches nothing. It is perfect and invisible. A space through which nothing passes and nothing is effected. In its arms, all ten of the Emanations dance, each of them shining a great light through its void.

This Emanation has no number, no color, no connection to the other Emanations. In that way it is extremely unique. Its solitary nature sets it apart from the other Emanations in such a significant way that Da’at is sometimes considered to not exist at all. To give a name to the emptiness at the center of the tree is vital and so too is to understand the significance of that emptiness.

Found in: Meditation, silence, sleep

Da'at is the blessed container. Da'at is relief and flexible. The grateful bearer of Burdens.

"Ein Sof fills the world with so much Light, it opens the eyes of Creation and widens the mouth of Existence. The many faces of Da'at turn and turn in that Light , catching the overflow within the Crown of the Mind. Da'at holds the Sephirot as some words might carry many meanings.”

-description of Da'at


Da'at Origin

by Eli Minaya - www.good-king.com