art by Peter Mohrbacher

art by Peter Mohrbacher

Hanael, Angel of Capricorn

The Shepherd

Walking into the future from the past, we travel a perilous journey. Sometimes there are people in our lives that guide us and sometimes we ourselves must be the guide. This sign represents the part of us that must carry the torch of responsibility and tradition. The long and lonely road that stretches before us must be walked, but it does not need to be walked alone.

2017-11-18 18.38.16.jpg

Painting Process

This is a timelapse video of my digital painting process in photoshop. Rather than speedpaint, I prefer to take my time, this video represents about an hour of working on the detail phase of the painting. At this point I have a lot of the color palette and values worked out roughly but I need to spend time on finishing up the background.