The fourth Emanation. He is the hand that embraces. The healing tears brought on by forgiven sins. Each kindness repaid in kind. His force pulls humanity together, allowing peace to exist between us. This is the power to look inside the hearts of those around us and see that we are truly alike. Our needs for love and kindness is an essential part of our existence and transcends all other potential differences we might have.

The embrace of the blue orb extends across all existence.

Hesed is at the very center of the pillar of mercy, defining its core characteristic. Forming an extreme opposite to its female counterpart Gevurah, the two arms of the tree extend in opposite directions. Hesed pulls tight so that Gevurah cannot push away. This wrestling match cannot be won by either side, yet the struggle itself is meaningful because it is the struggle that defines our morality.

Found in: kindness, charity, love

Chesed, Emanation of Empathy

Simply love, kindness and understanding. The Sephirot that repairs the world with gentle embrace.

Forlorn, compulsory, like a deep river or a dispute calmed by touch and remembrance. Like undine tears, that don't fall, they cascade. Formed formless. The measure of simple and devastating things, like warm embrace, forgiven sins and Love. Ephemeral and - I beg your pardon my son, my answers are tangled in the labyrinth of your question. How does one succinctly describe the font from which kindness springs? Such is the mystery of Hesed.

-a conversation between Father and Son, overheard, under the shade of a Tree

Chesed Origin

by Eli Minaya -