The eighth Emanation. The force that abides. Hod is what guides us when we relinquish ourselves to the flow of fate and let destiny guide our motion. Through her light, we see boundlessness of glory. Running our hands through the wind, we feel the air pull us upwards with rising force. It’s only by resigning ourselves to the forces around us that we truly experience the nature of those forces.

The golden orb shines down a radiant light upon our shoulders.

Supporting the “pillar of severity”, Hod does not press back against the weight of the tree. Instead, she simply lets it pass through her, flowing like water down into the lowest portion the diagram. Through the two opposing characteristics of Hod and Netzah, relinquishing and resisting power, we gain the power to move. Together they form the power for carry ourselves through the world with grace and intention.

Found in: Prayer, nature, mysteries

Hod, Emanation of Submission

Supreme glory. Hod's presence calls for submission, prostration and unfettered love.

Hod's glory veils even the Sun.  It is said, in some parts, the Sun's rays only shine in the space left behind by Hod's radiance. The Sun existing only in deference and awe. Splendor submits to Hod and beauty fails before Hod. The sky withers and retracts and all that can remain without Hod languishes in mediocrity. Yes, Hod is greatness, but the price of knowing such brilliance is the sundering of one's own 'self'. Why should we bother to know our own visage or to look even at the Sun while we choose to remain so ignorant of what Hod is? It is all darkness by comparison...

-ramblings of a blind stowaway when the Captain asked his identity.

Hod Origin

by Eli Minaya -