Work at Angelarium


About Working Here

Angelarium is a really small operation. Technically, there is only one full time employee and that's me. I will occasionally need to hire people to help with daily tasks, communications, sales or other adjunct needs. This is a list of positions I'm interested in hiring for.

Please note that I'm not hiring anyone for art. I will periodically collaborate with other artists, but this page is not intended to solicit artwork submissions.

-Pete Mohrbacher


Online Sales Manager

The goal of this hire is to have this person take charge of the planning and execution of all Angelarium's sales events and releases. They will be in charge of managing the day to day promotion of the brand, acting as the primary force behind growing its traffic and increasing its promotional reach.

This person will effectively be piloting a small online sales business by themselves. An entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to be in charge are essential personality traits.

My goal is to step away from these activities and let a professional take charge instead. I'm not hiring someone who will need managing in this role. I'm hiring to have someone manage me.


  • Professional experience with online marketing

    • Graphic Design

    • Social Media Growth

    • SEO

    • Online Sales


  • Administrate website

  • Plan and execute a content release schedule

  • Create sales listings

  • Plan and execute promotional events

  • Manage inventory for online sales channels

  • Grow social media reach

  • Increase search traffic

  • Manage marketing spend

  • Influencer/partner outreach


  • Chicago preferred, USA required


  • Negotiable

If you are qualified for this job, please email Peter Mohrbacher: trueangelarium -at- gmail -dot- com

Convention seller

We are scaling up our convention appearances in 2019. Our convention manager, Elaine Ryan is going to need assistants for the shows she'll be attending and she'll be managing people to sell Angelarium art at conventions worldwide.


  • Administrate website

  • Plan and execute a content release schedule

  • Create sales listings


  • $100-$200 / day plus expenses

If you would like to talk to her about selling artwork at conventions, reach out to her here: emissary -at- angelarium -dot- net

Please include information about your location, ability to travel and anything that would effect your schedule.