Keter, Emanation of the Crown

The first Emanation. It is the first utterance. The font of energy through which Ein Soph permeates into the universe. The crown sits above the head and embodies that which is beyond our comprehension. One must envision Keter not as an object that can be perceived, but as the light that is cast upon it. Keter’s light is beyond knowability, a timeless expanse of pure consciousness. Only through our respect for our own limitations do we begin to see the shadow of its nature.

It is dark orb through which The Infinite lies beyond.

As the highest point on the tree, all continuums cascade downwards from it. Keter stands in contrast to Malkuth, who rests at the very bottom of the tree. The span that lies between them measures the complete distance from most spiritual, to the most physical aspects of our existence. Journeying downwards from this point, all other Emanations become increasingly close to our present experience.

Found in: spiritual epiphany, faith, humility


Keter, Emanation of the Crown (Limited Edition)
  • Only 100 copies ever to be printed

  • Printed, signed and numbered by Peter Mohrbacher

  • Image Size: 16" wide x 21 ½″ tall

  • Paper Size: 18" wide x 24" tall

  • Printed on archival 300 gsm coated paper with archival pigment based ink

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Top-most, Keter means "Crown"

So sublime, incomprehensible, unknowable. The infinite, the stream from which Ein Sof is channeled. Pure consciousness, beyond all, timeless. The opening, a singularity from which the Sephirot are created.

A silver rim, adorned with a single drop of pure light dancing to an unknowable rhythm. It thrums in the dark and a melody pours from it, slow and out of Time.

Keter Origin

Art by Eli Minaya -

Ayin Keter

Art by Eli Minaya -