Kokabiel, the Burning Light

The fair and childlike Kokabiel saw things in the stars that his brother Watcher’s did not. To him, he saw unknowable mysteries unfolding in the night sky. Men came to him, with hopes of divining some earthly meaning behind the movement of the heavenly bodies. Though he spoke with them often, it was difficult to take real information from his readings. The places and things that he described were in vivid detail, but failed to resemble the world in which they lived. At first, the obtuse quality of Kokabiel’s information was seen as a form of higher wisdom, beyond the reach of men’s minds. As time went on, many thought him mad.

Kokabiel longed to return to be among the stars again, forgoing all worldly concerns. As tragedy mounted around him, he did not see it, blinded by the glare of celestial light.


Kokabiel, the Burning Light (Limited Edition)
  • Only 100 copies ever to be printed

  • Printed, signed and numbered by Peter Mohrbacher

  • Image Size: 16" wide x 21 ½″ tall

  • Paper Size: 18" wide x 24" tall

  • Printed on archival 300 gsm coated paper with archival pigment based ink

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Kokabiel, Angel of the Stars

The silent field of swaying grass waved at the ocean above
The giants march past us by the thousand
By the thousand thousand and many more

Infinite upon infinite
They don't look back
We stare on