art by Peter Mohrbacher

art by Peter Mohrbacher

Zuriel, Angel of Libra

The Regulator

All things have opposing forces. The rotations of the celestial bodies provide a macrocosm of our own swirling internal relationships. Zuriel is the regulator of these forces, weighing their value and attempting to find balance.  

Ruled by Venus


Zuriel, Angel of Libra - (Desk Mat)

This very large mouse pad accommodates a full sized keyboard and mouse together. You can fill your entire desk area with art while making more soft, comfortable and quiet. Stitched finishing around the edges.

  • 33 inches x 14 inches

  • Durable and washable

  • Stitched Edges

  • Great surface for gaming mice

The art for this item has been expanded and enhanced to fit the panoramic width of the surface.

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Official Music by Xan Griffin