Malkuth, Emanation of the Kingdom

The tenth and final Emanation. Malkuth is the physical world in which we live. The domain of mankind. She is an emanation of Emanations, the culmination of the many aspects that form the Tree of Life. Everything from our bodies, to the experiences we have in them, to the world in which we exist is Malkuth. The infinite space that expands across the universe is a manifestation of her.

The boundless prismatic orb which holds all the colors of the universe.

Below the feel of the tree, the ground stretches outwards forming a base. This is the space that Malkuth exists. She is beyond just being the lowest point, she is the foundation itself. Being the thing that we experience every moment in our lives, Malkuth contrasts clearly with Keter, whose existence is marked by its total unknowability. As with all things in the tree, one mirrors the other, forming a complete continuum through which we can understand the boundaries of existence.

Found in: The earth, our bodies, a home

The Earthly, the lowest of all the Sephirot and most grounded in comprehension.

"There is a mighty Tree and at the root of it, there is a Kingdom. So much light emanates from beyond the leaves above it. We live in the shadows of those leaves and that is how we know Malkuth."

- description of Malkuth,


Malkuth Origin

by Eli Minaya -