Netzah, Emanation of Endurance

The seventh Emanation. Netzah is the force that resists. Stalwart in the face of adversity, this great leader carries us forth through our darkest times. He is the strength to endure, regardless of suffering. When we feel that we are beyond our limits and new strength continues to emerge, we find the embrace of Netzah. With any increase in force, he too grows stronger. Each challenge met with equal vigor.

The green orb is the weight of a great bounder resting upon our shoulders and the strength to carry it.

Supporting the “pillar of mercy”, Netzah is the closest we get to the bottom of the tree before merging back into the middle. His station is one of constant stress and strain. Supporting the weight of the tree by pressing back upwards against it.

Found in: Victory, exercise, leadership

Netzah is brilliant and withstanding. Netzah is trial and the exaltation of endurance.

Beneath this stone, I am Glory. Tension and suffering pushing me down and burying my face in the muck.

But even then, I am sweet fire ablaze the torch, burning in the abstractions between agony and patience.

-a mantra of Netzah

Netzach Origin

by Eli Minaya -