What it Mean to be Indie

Being an indie painter is basically like being an indie filmmaker, indie musician or indie game developer. You have to give up a certain amount of stability and safety in order to gain both creative and financial control of your work. To me, that trade off is essential but I often feel like it’s not clear to people what I’m doing or how it fits into the landscape of this industry. 

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Coin Sale

There is something about coins that I find utterly magnetic. The pure simplicity of them is so beautiful to me. Coins are inherently mysterious. Despite their obvious simplicity, a major aspect of it is always hidden. Seeing the way that both sides take on unique characteristics as you turn it in your hand is magical to me.

I created this coin to accompany the Book of Emanations and I will be creating more unique coins to accompany any future books. Each one represents the core duality that lies at the heart of the continuum of ideas expressed in the book.


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Why orders sometimes ship late or incomplete

I want to start addressing some common customer service questions in a public way so that you know what to expect when you are buying art from us. To start, we should talk about the most common frustration people have when it comes to ordering things from Angelarium.net. Sometimes, packages get shipped 2-3 weeks after they were purchased.

First, let me explain why and then I'll move on to what we are doing to improve the situation.

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Book of Emanations - 2nd Edition Update

I've been receiving a mounting number of questions about the delivery time for the 2nd printing of Angelarium: Book of Emanations. Many of you have made pre-orders that have lingered for much longer than the estimated delivery date.

I took the pre-orders down as soon as I lost sight of when the book was going to be delivered and made a promise to myself that I wouldn't collect more money book orders until I had delivered the ones I'd already received. Thankfully, this update is coming with good news.

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