Why orders sometimes ship late or incomplete

I want to start addressing some common customer service questions in a public way so that you know what to expect when you are buying art from us. To start, we should talk about the most common frustration people have when it comes to ordering things from Angelarium.net. Sometimes, packages get shipped 2-3 weeks after they were purchased.

First, let me explain why and then I'll move on to what we are doing to improve the situation.

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Book of Emanations - 2nd Edition Update

I've been receiving a mounting number of questions about the delivery time for the 2nd printing of Angelarium: Book of Emanations. Many of you have made pre-orders that have lingered for much longer than the estimated delivery date.

I took the pre-orders down as soon as I lost sight of when the book was going to be delivered and made a promise to myself that I wouldn't collect more money book orders until I had delivered the ones I'd already received. Thankfully, this update is coming with good news.

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All the pre-order books were shipped!

The warehouse was churning through the book orders for a week or two and a lot of you were wondering when your book was shipping. Last week, they put their heads down and got everything out the door!

This means that any orders will be all caught up once Fulfilliel, Angel of Shipping visits us on Wednesday.

Thanks for all your patience and generosity.



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