Remiel, Angel of Visions

The shepherd of good graces. A shining light in the distance, calling us forwards into the future. The greener pastures beyond the next hill are hard to see. Sometimes we need reassurance that things will get better. Something is coming and it’s beautiful.

MARCH 2019

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Footsteps fall upon boundless hills
Stretching one by one across the landscape
Our journey

See not the darkened slopes that present themselves today
There is Light upon the farther side
guiding us onward

 This piece was made possible by my patrons:

Emma Oliver, Jim Edelen, Vidya Bodepudi, Colton Boxell, Adroli, Samuel Solomovici, Samuel Bennett, Nicole Edkins, Gabriel Alexandru Susanu, Christopher Brooks, Sam Gauss, Jason Robinson, David Sinick, Christopher Morgan, Zack Viegut, Christoph Grabo, Timothy Park, Roy Summers, Daniel Norman, Leonardo Menezes, Art Wu, Jessica Co, TAO WEN, Axe & Crom, Sarah Hopkins, Janusz Yancoo Bukowski, Shane Cisler, Elaine Laflamme-Blouin, Nino, Caroline W, fukaikoori, Saxon Surokov, Jason Gullion, Ari-Matti Toivonen, Oliver Devereux, Fatima Iqbal, Lee Dotson, Taryn Urion, Harry Sillett, Andre Labaki, Roberto Oleotto, Sean Jones, Nick Arbeiter, Victor Lo, Simon McCann, Jason (doghateburger) Chng, Alucard Arcane, Pablo Alatorre, Hana Zubovic, Bram Xu, Chloe, Matthew Assad, Andres, Youngah Lee, Tyrone, Ryan Campeau, Fredrick Woo, Diana Jarrell, Daniel Sarmiento Chuquisengo, Stephen Brown, Joseph Nguyen, Li Zhuoran, АндрейЖердев, crow Lee, Shannah Thacker, Ben Kahn, Ricardo Riamonde, Kenshjn Park, Dan Watson, Aubrey Mills, Luzon, miyako, Vladimir Sopronkin, richard, George Prentoski, Adam Gibson, Hamza Itani, Salterino, Anthony Hsu, Ishana, Mayrhosby Yeoshen, Merwyn Lim, Fraser, kenway, Nobel Yoo, Marcel Mack, Steven Broughton, Joel haughton, Skyelotte, Spencer Fuller, Danny Mol, and Maxwell Crabill.