Art by Peter Mohrbacher

Art by Peter Mohrbacher

Sariel, The Lone Seeker

As the Earth tugs on the Moon, the Moon tugs back on the Earth. For each force, another will always exist in perfect opposition. The lives of men and Angels are similar. Though the power of one may be greater than the other, their existence reflects each other.

When the war started, the Angels that were uninvolved stayed clear of the wave of death that spread across the Earth. To risk one’s immortality on fighting seemed chance not worth taking. Sariel perched above it all, waiting for the wave of bloodshed to roll back. In doing so, his power receded as well. He waited patiently and watched himself waste away. He waited for his time to come, to venture out and regain his freedom amongst the stars.

Sariel, Angel of the Waning Moon

My body wanes and is distorted.
Smoke moves all around me (troublesome clouds), 
and it's as if I cease to exist.

I blink in and out of time and wonder if I can still be seen,
when the light-of-seeing is denied even to me.

Do you still whisper at dusk, or cry out for me at midnight? 
Do you still reach to pull yourself up into my light...?
Or do you ebb as I wane? 

As if in response to my tired calls, 
a wave crashes, 
sounding out the end and beginning of dreaming. 

Then a song pours out over the ocean, 
pulling me close and scattering my light,
little as it is.

I pull myself deeper into the hood of night,
feeling your fingers pulling at the edge of my mind.
I am now content to wait, 
here in the dark.


Art by Peter Mohrbacher

Art by Peter Mohrbacher