art by Peter Mohrbacher

art by Peter Mohrbacher

Shateiel, Angel of Silence


When words fail, the wind dies and the earth comes to a rest, Shateiel descends. In stillness, a new aspect of all things emerge, touched by this elusive angel. The space around it gains new meaning, held still by the grip of its presence. Fear not, it rarely lingers. It’s time to stop and take a moment.

Shateiel, Angel of Silence - (Desk Mat)

This very large mouse pad accommodates a full sized keyboard and mouse together. You can fill your entire desk area with art while making more soft, comfortable and quiet. Stitched finishing around the edges.

  • 33 inches x 14 inches

  • Durable and washable

  • Stitched Edges

  • Great surface for gaming mice

The art for this item has been expanded and enhanced to fit the panoramic width of the surface.

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This piece was made possible by my patrons:

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