Suphlatus built a growing collection of halls and spires that cracked the desert horizon. Each one, it’s own a jagged landscape. Every day, men would witness the Angel’s latest creations and each night they would cheer as he brought them down. As this cycle became commonplace, the only fanfare came at their destruction. 

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Suphlatus, The Patient Hand (Limited Edition)
  • Only 100 copies ever to be printed

  • Printed, signed and numbered by Peter Mohrbacher

  • Image Size: 16" wide x 21 ½″ tall

  • Paper Size: 18" wide x 24" tall

  • Printed on archival 300 gsm coated paper with archival pigment based ink

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Suphlatus, Angel of Dust

Flesh to ash, bones to dust
Let sand pull back to wretched teeth and let the heavens rain dry
Fill thy heart with scorn, o genius of dust
Let thy touch wash over our sins
We submit to the end