Yesod, Foundation of Life

The ninth Emanation. Yesod is a foundation that supports the world and forms the gateway between the spiritual and the physical. He is the medium through which we can experience the Tree of Life. Upon his shoulders rests the sky and all that lies beyond it runs through his fingers. We stand at this doorway and peer through, seeking answers to our nature.

Through the indigo orb, a gateway appears.

As a single column again, the flow of energy through the tree only moves downwards. Yesod is the last stop before moving into the fully physical realm. He is surface of the looking glass through which we examine ourselves.

Found in: new life, speech, a doorway

Foundation. The bedrock beneath existence. The fertile soil, impregnated by moonlight.

Light dances atop the earth. Where it touches, cinder-soft turf is upturned and exposes this planet to the Sephirot. At midnight a precious conversation takes place between Malkuth and Yesod under the gaze of a hooded moon and we are the words. Our story  continues to scrawl itself across the world, forever.

-a creation myth

Yesod Origin

by Eli Minaya -


Used with permission for Fallujah - Dreamless

Dreamless is the third studio album by American death-metal band Fallujah, released on April 29, 2016.

  • Alex Hofmann – vocals, programming

  • Scott Carstairs – guitar

  • Brian James – guitar

  • Robert Morey – bass

  • Andrew Baird – drums