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Angelarium @ Rose City Comic Con 2018

  • Oregon Convention Center 777 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Portland, OR 97232 United States of America (map)


Angelarium will be at Rose City Comic Con 2018.

Booth # 929
Angelarium's Emissary and community manager Elaine will be attending this show.
We will have limited inventory. This means that if you like a print you see, pick it up right away!


The following angels will be available for purchase at Rose City Comic Con:

  • Binah, Emanation of Knowledge

  • Suchlaph, Angel of Verdancy

  • Shateilel, Angel of Silence

  • Leliel, Angel of Night

  • Dumah, Angel of Dreams

  • Raziel, Angel of Mysteries

  • Azrael, Angel of Death

  • Eistibus, Angel of Divination

  • Israfel, Angel of Song

  • Hasmed, Angel of Annihilation

  • Gadreel, Angel of War

  • Kokabiel, Angel of Stars

  • Ananiel, Angel of Storms (Singer of Dark Songs)

  • Turiel, Angel of the Mountain (The Hero Immemorial)

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