Red Wednesday - New releases and a big sale

With a lot of new items coming online at the same time and the holidays approaching fast, I've decided to make a big release event!

Everything on the site is 20% off between Red Wednesday and Black Friday.

Tamiel, Angel of the Unseen

Today marks the release of the 8th watcher, Tamiel, Angel of the Unseen. His reckless flight through a sightless world is meant to evoke the feelings of discomfort that we feel when we are stripped of our own sight.

Gadreel, Angel of War - Playmat

I've also added created a brand new version of Gadreel, Angel of War that's been formatted specifically for playmats. Instead of simply cropping the original, this version of the painting has had elements remixed and expanded to fit the landscape format.

Book of Emanations - Addons

Sketchbooks and challenge coins were previously only available through the Kickstarter that passed earlier this year. Those items are now available in the store being sold individually or in discounted bundles!

If you are a fan of Angelarium, I highly recommend picking up a coin. You'll love it. For me, coins have a special power to them. Ever since I received a coin like this as a gift, I always travel with a challenge coin in my hip pocket.