Book of Emanations: Temporarily Sold Out

Despite ordering what I thought was an ambitious number of books, we've basically sold out. It sneaked up on me while I was in the process of arranging the second printing. When I thought we had a few month's worth of inventory remaining, we were actually running right down to the last copy.

I've ordered a second printing of the book with a modified cover and dust jacket. Anyone owning the first printing of the book will be able to recognize it by the fact that the text on the spine runs counter the standard direction. The second printing will feature Yesod on the dustjacket and the spine's text has been modified.

Anyone who had orders already made through the site are having their first books delivered as intended. So, this will only effect people making orders after I've labeled it as 'backorder'. Those will ship in around 8 weeks.

Thanks to the overwhleming support!

More news on the second printing and Angelarium: Book of Watchers coming soon.